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It is not the occasional overindulges in burgers or extra ice creams that make us fat but instead, the day-to-day bad choices that we don't notice ourselves making.Fortunately, with some simple lifestyle changes, you can prevent yourself from falling into the fat-trap. Should I go in for a home detection test or should I wait till my period is due?Myself and Susan often watched porn together adding something to our sex lives, she even told me she'd masterbate herself with a dildo i'd bought her when I wasn't home, whilst watching porn, but this was different, these were the unmistakeable sounds of my wife having sex with another person and by the sounds of it, he or she had my wife close to climax.I was a bit surprised to find my neighbor Tim was such a sex hound.

I belonged to a group of guys who would have "parties" once a month.

Dear Reg, Much saddened and shocked by the news of Derek's [Rutherford] death and everything you said about him to Anne is so very true.

Whenever we met, and this was not all that frequently, there was always much light-hearted banter conducted in the best possible spirit.

I gave my time, my home, my experience, my soul and friendship and I just wanted to move on. But when I attended the meetings with her at The Marina Center in Culver City, California and The VRC Friday night Meeting at 414 Lincoln, in Venice, CA., I was horrified what I saw. It appeared that there were men there that were not even alcoholics, trying to get sober hanging out. I called an old friend Tom, who was a board member in NA for many years and he told me stories about Bill W taking LSD, how Tom Powers called him a sex addict back then and this sent me searching on the web to then find read Orange Papers and attended more horrible meetings that I did not know existed in Los Angeles, CA. We fought for it and the more we did the more they iced us out.

It began to feel like giant, mammoth problem, too big for Kali and I and a few others who really cared. Women and men victims alike wrote me harrowing tails of abuse, assault, rape, scamming and controlling mentally ill sponsors type abuse. I created a radio show because no one in the media who I reached out to would tell this story of horrible cover up going on in Alcoholics Anonymous. In closing…I left AA after 36 years because I could not tolerate the lies that were read over and over again with no thought or willingness to change or improve an archaic addiction modality, the turning of the blind eye to the Sexual and Financial Predators, and the lack of accountability with all of the above, from the local groups to The New York Alcoholics Anonymous World Headquarters.

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