Dating a professional baseball player dating a painting

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Dating a professional baseball player

In case you have not yet seen The Band Perry music video for the latest somewhat dark & twisted love song, here is “Better Dig Two!

” Did you ever keep a boyfriend or girlfriend a ‘secret?

For those of you who are not dating a professional baseball player I hope this gives you a little taste of what it is like.

"Can I just tell you something, because I've been in the dating situation, or pool, more recently than Sassafras over here . If only we had some big league talent to play in the major leagues, we too could have a legitimate chance to land some of these big league women.Regardless of which ballplayers they are currently dating, we still can't resist their sexy bodies and poses.Fans and followers may have noticed the singer wearing in a Blue Jays hoodie in online photos, but the most obvious clues come from the major leaguer’s Twitter account.A radio station in Ontario was the first to dig into who the oldest of the three Perry siblings might be dating.

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Some of these girlfriends are currently taken by some notable players throughout the major leagues, while others had their chance to date baseball stars but ultimately fell short.